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Web Comic?

posted Jun 29, 2012, 10:33 PM by Ray Boston
Okay, I've been completely ignoring this website. FaceBook pretty much covers anything I'd want to post here... this is a lot less cluttered, though, for family and friends that actually care what we post. Of course, it'd help if Kelly posted now and then...

So, I'll fix the photo albums (accidentally had some of Kelly breastfeeding, and had to make it "private," which broke the link. I'll make new albums to post, that AREN'T my entire photo collection; that will solve that problem. They'll be posted when I fix them.

And one last thing: I'm thinking of doing something productive with this domain. I'm thinking "web comic." Of course, I'm no artist... but a little practice, build up a storyline, and figure out how to get my stuff uploaded without a scanner... and maybe with a little help, I'll have something worth having a website for! :-) 

Right now, I'm sketching a few characters. I'm thinking they'll be based off our real life selves, but loosely. Kelly's already thinking "cat girl" for hers, and I'm thinking "squirrel boy" for Ryosuke. Kelly's looks... okay for a beginning, but took me WAY too long to draw. Mine so far just looks like I'm crazy... Ryosuke, I'm going to have to start from scratch.

So... now... where to start my story...?