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Not Your Average Meatloaf

Even those who normally turn their nose up at meatloaf will grudgingly admit this is a damn good dish!


1 lb lean ground meat (I use the 92%)

1/2 roll crackers (club or Ritz are better)

One egg

One envelope Lipton golden onion soup mix

1/2 c milk

Ketchup and BBQ sauce (mix to taste)


Put the crackers in a gallon Ziploc and press out most of the air, lay on the counter and roll it with a rolling pin or pickle jar until near powder.

Add onion soup mix and shake up until mixed. In a bowl, mix meat, egg, and milk...then add cracker mixture until well distributed. Shape into a loaf, put in preferred pan and cover with mixture of BBQ sauce and ketchup. I cook mine in a slow cooker on high for about two hours or so, but you can also put it in the oven, preferably covered with foil, for an hour at 375.

For a meatloaf for four, just double all ingredients...the cook time is about the same. You want your meat thermometer to register between 160 and 180.